How One Book Changed My Life

This book changed my life! I’m not even kidding when I say this. ⁣⁣
Last year was a serious grind for me and I rode the struggle bus the whole way through. I was working a full time job, full time graduate school, part time internship, had a family at home, bought a house, and lived through one of the worst winters in years. It was bad people! I felt like I was crumbling on the daily. I would use my personal Instagram as a diary to process through my emotions. I was raw and I was vulnerable. A few hours after posting my emotional post, my inner voice would get the best of me and I’d delete my post out of fear of judgment. ⁣⁣
On my down time, I would scroll through social media and see everyone’s highlight reels. I remember feeling so angry. Here I was struggling and everyone seemed to have their life perfectly together (even though in reality they didn’t). Lord have mercy, I can’t even tell you how many times I deleted Facebook. I felt alone in my struggle. I wanted to have a real connection with someone. I wanted to hear emotion (whether good or bad). Going through the counseling program probably didn’t help the matter any. I wanted to hear real life stories! ⁣⁣
Then this book happened and it knocked me on my butt. It oozed authenticity and vulnerable. It spoke of courage and bravery. This whole time I thought I was weak for sharing my struggles only to find out I was courageous. I was being vulnerable to a world of people who could have easily ate me up and spit me out. I wanted the world to know I was struggling. I was struggling because I was human. ⁣⁣
Fast forward to today and this post. I created Courageously You in hopes of spreading courage to all of you. Show your true self! Be vulnerable and authentic! Tell your stories! Way to many people suffer alone out of fear of judgment. I feel in my heart, if life is normalized, less people will suffer. It takes courage to show the world you are an imperfectly perfect human. ⁣⁣
If you have read this, please share your thoughts. I’d love to talk about it with you. ⁣⁣
If you haven’t read it, I STRONGLY encourage you to read it. I feel like I owe Brene Brown a giant gift basket full of thanks. ⁣⁣

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