What Self-Care and Change Have In Common

I beg you to stop giving away all of your change! 

I look at energy the same way I look at change. If I give away all of my change, I will be left broke with an empty piggy bank. If I give away all of my energy, I will be left empty. What good is an empty me?!?

I want to ask you three questions and challenge you to reflect on your answers for a minute… 

  1. How well does an empty piggy bank serve you? 
  2. How well does an empty you serve yourself? 
  3. How well does an empty you serve your family, friends, or co-workers?

What awareness did you gain after reflecting on your answers? Did your answers surprise you? 

I challenge you to look at energy the same way you look at money. Would you give away your money to just anyone? Would you go to work and hand out dollar bills to your co-workers? My guess is you probably wouldn't, and if you did, you would probably give money to people who have earned it. This is the same with energy. Give your energy to people who have earned. Make sure you are leaving change in your piggy bank! 

Repeat after me…. Self-care is not selfish! If you struggle with self-care and feelings of selfishness, I want you to remember this… self-care is the equivalent of putting change in your piggy bank. 

Leave a comment below and tell me how you have engaged in self-care this week.

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