Is your anxiety holding you back from living your best life?

That debilitating, heart-racing feeling of anxiety can show up in every corner of your world and keep you from reaching the potential you know you’re capable of achieving. And I’m going to guess it’s been this way for way too long.

As you watch life keep passing you by, you’ve finally realized: You’re sick of it.

Sick of the paralyzing panic and uncontrollable thought patterns. Sick of the unrelenting concern over what everyone else thinks of you. Sick of feeling guilty about doing, saying, or choosing the potentially “wrong” things. 

But how do you actually get unstuck?

You’ve tried “doing the work.” You’ve read the personal development books, spoken to mental health professionals, and worked on prioritizing you. And you know there’s so much more joy, peace, and calm waiting for you… if you could just figure out how to stop feeling so dang anxious and drained every day.

Yet, your anxiety remains a constant companion, one that you’re beyond ready to kick to the curb.

I get it—trust me—and I’m here to help you experience a full life, free from anxiety. Finally.

I’m Tara, and I’m an anxiety coach and licensed therapist who’s been there.

I’ve struggled in silence dealing with anxiety, burnout, insecurities, panic attacks, depression, and coping with big emotions with food and alcohol. I was unable to be present for my own life, and the hardest part was feeling like everyone else was doing life right and yet I felt like I was somehow failing. And I know what it’s like to feel like you’re the only one walking through the fire.

Can I be honest with you? It breaks my heart that we’re made to feel like we’re alone in the fight. The truth is, everyone suffers. Everyone struggles, but most people aren’t willing to talk about it.

That’s where courageously.u comes in.

In this space, all parts of you are welcome. 

The messy. The uncertain. The miserable. The hopeful. The magic.

In fact, I believe the parts of us that make us feel broken actually have the potential to heal us and make us whole, once we get in touch with them.

It’s all about addressing your full story and exploring the “why” behind the symptoms you're feeling. If we can work on the root problem by looking at lifestyle, trauma, neglect, toxins, and other underlying factors—rather than Band-Aiding the symptoms—that’s how you can experience freedom from the anxiety that’s made you feel “less than” for far too long.

courageously.u is a safe space to support your healing, no matter what it looks like.

I’m a licensed therapist, but in this space, I’m not your therapist. I’m here to hold your virtual hand as your coach, to offer tips and tricks to ultimately help you flourish—in all parts of your life.

Think of me as your own, personal, modern-day Oprah… minus the free car giveaways. (Maybe one day!) Essentially, I’m here to listen, offer solutions, encourage you to take action and do the work, and help you actualize your potential from deep inside yourself.

In fact, courageously.u was born out of a fire in my soul to do more after struggling alone in silence for so long. I wanted to create a safe space for women where everyday struggles are normalized and hard conversations are welcome.

Here, you’ll find education, tools, and conversations to set you free from the confines of anxiety and also equip you with knowledge to become your best self. 

Whether you enroll in my Healing Anxiety 101 digital course, sign up for one-on-one anxiety coaching, or listen to The Courageously.u Podcast, my mission is simple. I want you to feel as though you have exactly what you need to thrive in every area of your life, as opposed to merely surviving. Life is too short to stay stuck in anxiety and not live your life to the fullest, and I’m here to help you break free.

To put it simply, I know my sh*t.

I’ve worked with all levels of mental health from the salon chair to prison cells. I have my Bachelors Degree in Psychology and my Masters in Clinical Counseling, but beyond textbooks and classrooms (yawn), I’ve worked with every kind of human out there and learned that we all have a common desire to belong and be accepted and create joyful lives that we’re proud of.

I’ve worked as a cosmetologist, 911 dispatcher, and mental health clinician at an all-male prison. While it may seem like those occupations have absolutely nothing in common, they actually have one recurring thread.


I LOVE helping people. I love hearing their stories and supporting them in their journey to experience holistic healing, no matter their walk of life. And as someone who’s dealt with her fair share of mental health struggles, I understand what you’re going through on the realest of levels.

Like I said… I know my sh*t. And I don’t ever want anyone else to feel like I did: alone in their pain. We are all struggling, and I’m here to help you navigate through it, without the exhaustion, burnout, and fear.

I’m in it with you, friend. You CAN do this, and I’m here to help you! Now, let’s keep going.

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