How To Use Algorithm’s To Boost Your Confidence

Do you know what an algorithm is?

If you live under a rock like me, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either until a couple months ago. Thanks Jenna Kutcher!

So what is an algorithm? Let me break this down for you… Social media wants to keep you hooked, happy, and coming back for more, so they kindly track what you engage in (comment/like). As a result, you are shown more of what you “like.” That is an algorithm simply explained by the least tech savvy person ever.

So why is this important? I want you to think about this for a second. If you are engaging with posts that leave you feeling down about yourself, you will see more accounts just like it because of the algorithm. Next thing you know, your social media feed is packed full of pictures that are driving your confidence straight into the gutter. This could be bad news bears if you are someone who scrolls mindlessly through social media to pass the time.

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through someone's instagram feed and find yourself suddenly feeling terrible about yourself? Any sense of confidence completely gone out the window. If this sounds a little like you, than this post was written for you. Why torture yourself with negative thoughts?

Be intentional about what you consume! Be intentional about what accounts fill your newsfeed. If you find an account leaves you feeling bad about yourself, unfollow! If an account leaves you feeling empowered, engage away! Fill your feed with posts that excite you, inspire you, and motivate you.

As we approach a new year, I want to challenge you to be intentional about what you are viewing.

  • I want you to delete 5 accounts that do you not serve you. Accounts that leave you feeling down about yourself.
  • I want you to follow 5 accounts that leave you feeling good about yourself. Accounts that inspire and motivate you. Engage in these posts so you see more of this in your newsfeed.

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