What Is Anxiety

Double tap the picture if you know what anxiety is. 

Anxiety is a future focused worry, concern, or fear that you can’t control. Have you ever found yourself anxious about something that hasn’t even happened yet, but you are already running though your mind “as if” it will happen?

I heard a quote today on a podcast, and I’m not sure who said it, but it goes a little like this, “Don’t worry, nothings under control!” It’s totally true! We have no control, and for all you type A personalities, that sends your anxiety through the roof. Am I right?!?

If you find yourself playing the “what if…” game, and running through your mind “as if” something has happened, I want you to imagine me standing in front of you asking, “What if it does?” Then answer my question. Instead or focusing on what if it does happen, plan for how you will respond to it. 

If you are ever feeling anxious, I challenge you to tune into the moment and take a deep belly breath. Presence in the here-and-now is the biggest antidote to fear. Surrender to the moment and do the best you can! 

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