Why Moving Your Body Decreases Anxiety

When I preach “move your body,” it's not because I want you rocking a smaller pant size. I want you to move your body because it does wonders for your mental health.

Your amygdala is responsible for your fight-or-flight. When it perceives potential danger, it dumps adrenaline into your body resulting in a feeling of anxiousness. Your amygdala isn’t logical and you can’t talk to it to tell it to calm down. If you read an older post of mine, you already know your amygdala isn’t taking your call.

A great way to stop the adrenaline dump is to engage in 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. Exercise acts as a reset button to your amygdala, calming it down. Your amygdala’s job is to watch over you and alert you to potential danger. When you get your heart rate up and body moving, it’s say’s, “Yay! We got away.” Your amygdala thinks you ran away from the danger, stops responding, and completes the fight-or-flight circuit.

If you live with anxiety, exercise is a great way to reduce symptoms. All it takes is 20 minutes of aerobic exercise friends!

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