Why This Song Needs To Be Your Morning Anthem

Like this post if you’ve ever listened to a song that brought tears to your eyes. 

This is Me, from The Greatest Showman, is that song for me. Lordy Lou, it hits me in the feelers every time. It inspires, motivates, and energizes me. It gives me the strength to silence the haters and chase my dreams. 

I have wanted to create something for so long that would touch others souls and build their spirits up but held back out of fear of judgment. I wanted a place where I was vulnerable and authentic in hopes of helping someone else be courageous and live their best life. I feel in my heart I was placed on this earth to make a difference. I have felt this for years, and through courageously.u, I am finally doing what I am meant to be doing.

If you’ve never heard this song, I challenge you to blast it the next time you find your thoughts going south. I encourage you to play it first thing in the morning or have it be the last song you listen to on your way to work. I am 99.9% certain you will not regret it. 

Let this be your mantra for the day…  “I am not scared to be seen anymore, and I make no apologies, this is me…” 

P.s. – My passion to make a difference is deep. I totally cried while writing this post.  

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