Ben Holt: The Power of Sound Healing


The Power of Sound Healing

Today we are spicing things up a bit and trying something new. Recently curiosity overcame me and I set out to explore all things sound healing. What started as a quick search on a meditation app turned into a deep love for a particular sound bath.

Us being friends and all, I couldn’t keep this love all to myself. I knew I had to share it with you. So that’s why I invited the creator of my fave sound bath onto the show and guess what? He’s playing it here today for you. Consider this episode part podcast and part gift to your nervous system. 

Ben Holt

So who is Ben Holt? Ben is a professional wellness facilitator, healer, and coach that specializes in breath work, meditation, psychedelic therapy, and sound healing. 

In today's episode, we talk about…

  • What sound healing is
  • How listening to a sound bath can help you heal
  • How breath and sound healing go together like Lucy and Ethel
  • What’s happening in your brain when you listen to a sound bath 
  • What the practice of sound healing looks like
  • How Ben uses instruments to open your chakras
  • Why Ben encourages you to practice yoga before listening to a sound bath

And soooo much more!

Ben's also sharing the recording from the live sound bath he did in Sedona, Arizona (It's at 24:41 if you want to skip straight to it). This sound bath goes through your chakra system and it’s the one that I’m currently obsessed with.

More from Ben Holt…

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Listen to him on Spotify and Insight Timer

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