Loving Your Body In The Here And Now

I remember taking this picture 6 years ago and hating my body. Straight shaming it! I was hustling my buns off in the gym to lose weight. Honestly, I was probably unintentionally starving myself because I was eating so strict. I refused to wear a swimsuit in the summer which meant pools and lakes were a hell no for me. My self-talk was TERRIBLE! 

Fast forward 6 years, and I sit here reflecting back on this picture which happens to be saved under an album titled “skinny.” I was in the best shape of my life in that picture and at the time all I could focus on was being skinnier. I would seriously give my right pinky to be in that shape again (okay maybe not my pinky, but still). 

Moral of the story… STOP shaming your body! Accept every curve, bump, wrinkle, and scar. Do not wait to live life until you’ve lost “another” 10lbs. Basically what I’m saying, is DO NOT be me! 

I’ve spent my whole adult life chasing an image of my ideal body and failing to love the body I have in the present moment. I’ve spent so many summers avoiding any body of water because I’ve shamed myself so badly, I can’t bring myself to wear a swimsuit. I focused on every negative and disregarded all my positives. I may have a little more fluff than I wish to have, but damn it I’m strong! 

Tell me one positive statement about yourself in the comments.  

I am…. 

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