Work With Me

You know how they say grief isn’t linear?

The same goes for healing anxiety.

Some days might feel effortless and fulfilling, while others, it might feel like all of your triggers are coming at you at once, threatening to make you crumble.

Oof. Been there, done that, and it is NO fun.

That’s where I can come in to help!

Did you know I offer 1:1 anxiety coaching?!

If your anxiety is holding you back from experiencing the fulfilling life you know is available for you, it’s time we talk.

While anxiety can be unpredictable, it’s been my experience that it is NOT uncontrollable.

I help women find freedom from their paralyzing anxiety so that they have more joy, peace, and calm.

And unlike many anxiety treatments focused on thoughts only, I holistically heal the root cause of your anxiety by looking at several factors like trauma, lifestyle, and more.

How does anxiety coaching work?

Coaching requires daily action and is very solution focused, meaning…

You need to be prepared to do some important internal work in order to experience freedom from your anxiety.

(Side note: I’ve been doing this work for a long time and, even though it’s challenging, it is ALWAYS worth it.)

My coaching package includes an initial assessment session and five coaching sessions.

The initial assessment helps me gain a better understanding of you, your struggles, and your history. All coaching calls after that are used to discuss your current experience with anxiety, help with ongoing problems, go over assignments and breakthroughs, and talk through goals to work toward.

How is coaching different from psychotherapy?

Did you know I’m actually a trained therapist?! But when it comes to helping you heal your anxiety, it’s important you see me as a coach and a friend, not your therapist.

Why? It’s simple: Therapy is mostly processing and unpacking your emotional backpack, which is a GREAT thing to do, but I prefer to focus more on your future than your past.

I won’t dive deep into past emotional traumas. Instead, after briefly going over your background, I provide assignments, assessments, and together we come up with goals for you to work toward (with me guiding you and keeping you accountable), in order to heal your anxiety holistically and start building a life you’ve been dreaming of.

Rather than talking about your past in every session, we’re strategically building a healthier future.

I’m here to lead you to maximize your personal and professional potential that’s just waiting to be tapped.

Ready to work together on creating a life that’s no longer crippled by anxiety?

Send an email to and simply write, “Sign me up!” to join my client waitlist! Coaching is on a first-come-first-serve basis currently.

And as always, you can find other helpful anxiety tips and mental health conversations on my podcast here!

I am truly honored to help you create a more enriched life in any way I can. Let’s do this!