Not Good Enough

Todays courageous story is by Carmen from Health to Happiness

“I am good enough, is my biggest struggle. The pit of my stomach aches daily fearing that I am not upholding my obligations and responsibilities as a daughter, wife, mother and professional. I strive for perfection because I don’t want to let others down. I go above and beyond because I fear failure. I overthink every negative comment someone says about me, and I FEAR letting others down!

I FEAR not being good enough! 

Every day I wake up willing to cope with the ache in my stomach, and the self-doubt in my mind, I look for small accomplishments and create opportunities to bring joy to others.  Recently, I have made it my mission to surround myself with others who support and love me unconditionally. With them, by my side, I feel I can survive and overcome my fears. I am not sure if this fear will ever go away, but I am sure that I am not giving up!

Lets give her some love for courageously sharing her story with all of us. 

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