I Am Forever Grateful

Todays courageous story is by Amanda, from Amanda Holden Designs

“I started my card business in 2015, and it took me a while to build my brand because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I have always loved drawing and being creative, but I struggled with finding my voice and my style when it came to my business. I had to learn everything on my own by researching and finding inspiration from others in my field of work. It is hard to create something to have it put on display for all to see. I was shy and afraid of what people might think of my work, but after some trial and error, I finally found my style and vision for my brand.

I started to gain a following of really supportive customers and fellow artists and business owners and was invited to be a part of vendor events around the Treasure Valley. As I continue to grow professionally and personally, I am forever thankful for family and friends who have supported me during my highs and lows.

2018 was a tough year for me as I struggled with depression and felt lost on how to balance my family and my business. I often felt uninspired and rushed my art so that I could post or sell something. The year ended with my father passing away. I am still shocked and getting used to the reality of losing my father whom I so dearly love, but I am taking it one day at a time. (Crying helps, so don’t hold back.)

I use my art as an outlet to cope and getting out of the house to do business or spend time with family and friends helps a lot. I am ready to get back out there to take care of myself, spiritually, mentally and physically. I am forever grateful to God that even during my difficulties, I can find blessings, comfort, and joy from the people around me.”

Lets leave her some love below for courageously sharing her story with the world.

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