People Pleaser

Todays courageous story is by Cassie from Rosify Lash & Beauty

“My whole life I’ve been a huge people pleaser. Along the way, I developed a limiting belief that my value was based upon what other people thought about me. This led to lots of depression & anxiety that I couldn’t possibly live up to anyone’s expectations, or I must not be valuable if “x” boy didn’t want to date me or if my mom was disappointed in a poor choice I made.

It wasn’t until I worked at a chiropractor’s office that I was introduced to the idea of health, well-being, and positive affirmations. I am forever grateful for how that specific part of my journey continues to serve me today. I began working out daily, started a challenge of eating only things found naturally on our earth, and chanted positive affirmations out loud every morning, and it was the first time I could ever remember feeling AMAZING about who I was. It became really easy to continue those habits because of how good it felt.

I’m not perfect, and I still love eating sugary sweets and taking some days off of working out. But along this journey I’ve explored my core beliefs, my “why,” and what is important to me to have a valuable life. I read books, listened to podcasts, talked with family and friends, and journaled my heart away to get there.

I still (and will always!) struggle with people-pleasing and wanting everyone to think of me a certain way. That has been challenging as I became a business owner – I struggled with fears of anyone ever having something bad to say about my business or my work. But once I began living in my truth and with honor, it was easy to remind myself that I have the only opinion that matters. As long as I am living congruently with my beliefs, I can keep my negative thoughts at bay. I hope to inspire others to also live in their own truth and stop looking outward for confirmation of their value.”

Let's leave her some love below for courageously sharing her story with the world.

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