My Own Cheerleader

Todays courageous story is by Michelle from Michelle Nichols Photography 

“Running my own business has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Often you are your own cheerleader, coach, supporter, idea creator, boss, and one man show. Although there are SO many beautiful things about that, it can be really hard to pick yourself up after a hard day.

On top of the highs and lows of running a business, I've also had to battle insecurities because of the industry I'm in. I love photography coupled with fashion and beauty. The more I grew my niche specific photography, the more I would follow editorial photographers, beauty bloggers, and influencers and the more I noticed myself feeling less than. I was fearful of getting in front of the camera myself because of my own struggles with weight and looks. It was always easier to see the beauty in others than it was myself.

However, my own insecurities were echoed from my clients, and it became the reason I clicked so well with my clients. I understood and validated their concerns and asked them to trust me when taking their portrait. There was this transformation I saw in the girls I photographed. When they saw their images we created together for the first time they would voice their shock, and it increased their confidence. That transformation fueled my soul, and it also solidified that I'm not alone in what I struggle with. I also realized I have such a powerful tool to combat those lies we women tell ourselves.

For my mental health and running a business, I make sure to have quiet time first thing in the morning where I do my devotional, journal and read a business book before stepping in front of my computer. I guard my social media accounts now and only follow people that add value to my life and make me feel good about myself. Lastly, I make sure to fit in my CrossFit class and walk my dogs to keep my sanity!”

Let's leave Michelle some love for courageously sharing her story with the world.

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