Dr. Elaine Fox: Harnessing the Power of Mental Agility


Dr. Elaine Fox

Dr. Elaine Fox is a psychologist, author, and the Head of the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Australia. Before her move to Australia, Dr. Fox founded and directed the Oxford Centre for Emotions & Affective Neuroscience (OCEAN) at the University of Oxford, a renowned research center exploring the nature of resilience and mental well-being. 

A cognitive psychologist by training, she is a leading mental health researcher combining genetics, psychology, and neuroscience in her work. Dr. Fox also runs Oxford Elite Performance, a consulting group bringing cutting-edge science and psychology to those at the top levels of sport, business, and the military. She’s also the author of Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain and Switch Craft. 

We talk about…

  • Why mental agility is important 
  • How multi-tasking drains us of energy
  • Why you need to get comfortable with uncertainty
  • How worrying about the unknown fuels anxiety
  • Why it's important to challenge your beliefs and interpretations
  • Why it’s important to switch up your routines
  • How switch craft can help you identify what might work best in different situations
  • What you can do to improve your mental agility

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