Dr. Paul Bloom: Introduction to Psychology


Dr. Paul Bloom

Dr. Paul Bloom is one of the world’s leading psychologists. He is a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and he also holds an Emeritus professorship at Yale. He is the author of six books and he has written for the New York Times, The Guardian, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, just to name a few. 

Paul has studied and written about everything from the origins of morality and religion to the nature of pleasure to a re-evaluation of empathy, and he has won numerous awards for his research and teachings. He is past-president of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and co-editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 

A few things we talk about…

  • Why he wanted to turn his class into a book
  • Why he calls psychology a young science
  • What people get wrong in regard to memory
  • What you need to know about implicit bias
  • Why you can’t overcome biases on your own
  • What makes us unique
  • How appropriate amounts of anger can be useful
  • What makes people happy
  • Why we tend to go along with the crowd
  • Why people tend to join “evil” groups 

More from Dr. Paul Bloom…

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