Elizabeth Earnshaw: Navigating the Most Difficult Relationship Issues


Elizabeth Earnshaw

Elizabeth Earnshaw is one of today’s most trusted relationship teachers. She's a renowned Gottman therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Fellow of The American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, author, and influential Instagram therapist who has helped transform countless relationships.

Elizabeth is one of the founders of Ours, where she works to make couples counseling mainstream and accessible. She also owns A Better Life Therapy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, supporting clinicians who are helping couples every day. Her debut book, I Want This to Work, is a trustworthy, inclusive guide to navigating the most challenging relationship issues we face.

We talk about…

  • Why relationships can feel so hard
  • A common cause of conflict within relationships
  • The importance of co-regulation in relationships
  • How to respond if your partner is not sharing how they feel
  • Why it's so hard to recognize your own needs in a relationship
  • The importance of effective communication in relationships
  • What to do if stepping away to calm down upsets your partner
  • How to reduce defensiveness from your partner
  • How passion is maintained in relationships
  • The impact COVID had on relationships
  • A common misconception about couples counseling
  • Why we all need to start talking about the fact we have conflict in our relationships
  • What to do if your partner doesn’t want to go to couples counseling
  • The difference between healthy and toxic arguing
  • What you can do to strengthen your relationship 
  • Things to consider before calling it quits  
  • What you deserve when in a relationship  

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