To The Woman Who Thinks She Can’t Do It

As I stood at the cashier counter of Michaels, I watched the cashier carry over my wrapped diploma that I had dropped off a few weeks prior to have framed. As she slowly began untapping the brown packaging, I stood there expecting to feel no emotion. To my surprise, as she slowly unveiled my diploma, my body became flooded with overwhelming emotion. What I thought was going to be an emotionless process, ended up resulting in an ugly cry in my car. 

Never in a million years did I think seeing my diploma framed would have such an emotional impact on me. As I cried on the phone to my husband, I reflected on where this emotion was coming from. This emotion was coming from a place of “I freaking survived!” Since graduation, I hadn’t stopped for 5 seconds to reflect on the fact I survived the darkest time of my life. 

For almost three years, I rode shotgun of the struggle bus and had times where I thought I’d never make it through. In that moment of reflection, I was happy, proud, and insanely confident. I recognized that I had conquered what felt like the biggest mountain in the world and didn’t give up when every ounce of me wanted to throw in the towel. 

Ladies, never let self-doubt keep you from chasing your dreams. There will be days when you have nothing left to give, and you want to wave the white flag. I promise you will survive. I can say this with confidence. If I can make it, sweet lady you can too. 


    A regular girl who believes in you

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