One of my absolute favorite things in the whole wide world is seeing what some of my favorite humans (virtual humans who have no clue I exist) are loving. The products that bring them joy, the T.V. shows they are currently binging, the books they can't put down, and the foods they are devouring.

Back when blogging was the “cool” thing to do, Danielle Moss from Breakfast at Toast shared a pair of Steve Madden flats on her blog. I was OBSESSED, and I HAD to have them!

Had she never shared those sparkly flats that made you feel like a million bucks, I would have never known they existed, and they would have never found their way to my feet (see photo below for proof).

circa 2012

The moral of my story is that I find a crazy amount of joy in people sharing their favorites with the world, so much so, I decided to help spread the joy.

Every Friday, I will be bringing you my fave foods, products, books, binge-worthy shows, repeat songs that you'll grow to hate because you love them so much at first, and so much more.

I hope my favorites spark just as much joy in your heart as these Steve Madden flats sparked in mine. Happy browsing, my new best buddy!

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