Jessica Baum: Overcoming Anxious Attachment


Jessica Baum

Jessica Baum, LMHC is the founder of the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach, a group practice providing couples therapy, family counseling, and addiction therapy in South Florida since 2011. As a therapist for over 10 years, Jessica has helped thousands of clients with her unique approach to healing, the Self-full® Method. 

Jessica’s work is focused on developing a meaningful connection with oneself and in understanding our own core patterns so that we can better understand how we relate in our relationships. Without this meaningful connection to oneself and others, we find ourselves feeling isolated. Jessica opened a sister company, Be Self-full, that offers online coaching with a team of experts and courses worldwide. 

Her debut book, Anxiously Attached, offers a practical and holistic approach to overcoming anxious attachment issues to discover happier, more fulfilling relationships.

We talk about…

  • What attachment theory is
  • The difference between anxious and avoidant attachment
  • Why anxious and avoidant attachment tend to gravitate towards each other
  • Why failed relationships are not a sign that you’re a bad judge of character 
  • What a core wound looks like
  • What it looks like to become Self-Full
  • How you can heal your little me
  • The role co-regulation plays in your ability to self-regulate
  • Why you need to focus on setting internal boundaries

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