Kristina Holtz: Finding Calm in the Chaos of Childhood ADHD


Kristina Holtz

Kristina Holtz is a wife, momma to two adorable kiddos, and nurse. Today Kristina Holtz is hanging out with us on The Courageously.u Podcast to discuss how she and her husband, Tyler, are navigating life with a 5-year-old who meets criteria for a DSM diagnosis of ADHD. 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched how she and her husband have approached their son’s mental health, and I’ve just been blown away by what I’ve seen. In a world where medications are pushed as the answer, they didn’t settle.

We talk about…

  • The behaviors she noticed Zeke struggling with
  • The holistic treatments they tried
  • What Kristina recommends you try if your kiddo struggles with ADHD
  • Their family trip to the Amen Clinics
  • How she prioritizes her mental health

Connect with Kristina Holtz…

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Mentioned in this episode…

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