Martha Beck: Finding the Path to Your True Self



Dr. Martha Beck is a bestselling author, life coach, and speaker. She has spent a lifetime offering powerful, practical, and entertaining teachings that help people improve every aspect of their lives. 

Her written work includes several New York Times and international bestsellers, as well as over 150 magazine articles. She holds three Harvard degrees in social science, and Oprah Winfrey has called her “one of the smartest women I know.” 

Martha is a passionate and engaging speaker, known for her unique combination of science, humor, and spirituality. For over two decades she has been, in the words of NPR and USA Today, “the best-known life coach in America.” Her published works include several self-help books and memoirs, including New York Times and international bestsellers Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and Expecting Adam. Martha’s newest book, The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self, was an instant New York Times Best Seller.


  • The integrity cleanse that inspired The Way of integrity 
  • What integrity looks like and how to know you’re out of integrity
  • How working jobs we were never meant to can lead to suffering 
  • What you need to do to find your purpose and joy 
  • Cultural hustle vs living from a place of integrity 
  • The four stages you go through on your quest to integrity 
  • What happens when you sell your freedom to get “stuff” 
  • Hell thoughts and how they keep you in suffering 
  • Martha’s thoughts on why so many people are out of alignment with their inner truth 
  • The importance of paying attention when your inner toddler throws a tantrum 
  • How little changes put you on the path of reclaiming your integrity 
  • How to navigate social comparison 


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