Is Your Mental Health Medication A Bandaid?

Today I’m getting down and dirty talking about mental health medications. They are overprescribed, abused, and treated as a bandaid as opposed to a second tool at tackling symptoms. For Lordy sakes, my gynecologist was prescribing me Xanax without asking me a single question about my mental health. Don’t get me wrong, medication serves an incredible purpose at helping individuals achieve a quality of life that is worth living. They help take the edge off increased symptoms as individuals navigate the winding road of inner work, and for some, medication is crucial to wellbeing and success in life. 

So why am I telling you this? To help educate you if you are thinking of accessing medication management from a provider. Mental health medication may temporarily cover up the symptoms, but if you’re not doing the inner work to find the core of the problem, you will not heal from medication alone. If you avoid the inner work, soon after you stop taking them, the symptoms will jump up from under your bed like a scary monster, and it won't be a cute one from Monsters Inc. 

Moral of the story, if you are considering medication or are currently accessing med management, I HIGHLY suggest you also do the work to find the root of the problem. That is where the healing and improvement in symptoms will begin. If your symptoms are causing significant impairment in your daily functioning, and your best efforts are failing, then yes seek medical help. If you struggle with acute mental health, medication management is crucial to success. And remember, NEVER be ashamed for taking medications to help improve your quality of life. I have accessed them in the past as I navigated a rough road of inner work.


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