Why The “Raising The Bar” Phenomenon Is Bad

Have you heard about the “raising the bar” phenomenon? No matter where we get in life we continuously raise the bar. The thought process of, I’ve gotten what I want, and now suddenly I want more.

I heard about this phenomenon in a GOOP podcast, and it was like a subtle slap in the face. No matter how much we want something, once we got there, the bar was raised. The endless wheel of once I get “this” I will be truly happy, and as soon as we get it, we create a new “this.”

I know all too well about this when it comes to my weight. How many of you have said, “Once I lose these pesky pounds, I will be happy.” Then once you dropped the weight you said, “As soon as my arms are toned, than I will be happy.” Okay, so now your arms are toned, and you tell yourself, “Once I get a bootylicious booty than I will be happy.” It is seriously a never-ending hamster wheel.

The bar can be a new car, a house, a husband, a baby, a promotion at work, a college diploma, money in your savings account, six-pack abs, a trip to Bora Bora. The list is endless. No matter what we have, we feel more is better.

Geneen Roth says it best, “There is a sense of being in the waiting room of our lives all the time. We never actually take in where we are. We never let ourselves have what we have. We are rushing through our lives and are never quite present because we are so future focused.”

I challenge you today, to have what you have now. Take it in and enjoy it. Stopping rushing through life to reach the end goal. Get up from your waiting room seat and go live your life as it is now.

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