How To Use A Grounding Technique While Hiking

How To Use A Grounding Technique While Hiking

Do you love hiking?

The other weekend I took full advantage of the sunshine, and took off for a hike. The trail was packed because clearly everyone else had the same brilliant idea as me.

As I soaked up the sunshine, I felt grateful to be able to experience this hike. In an attempt to soak up the moment I decided to engage in a grounding technique using all 5 senses. 

Today I’m going to share my technique with you, and I encourage you to use grounding during your next hike or walk. 

You’ll want to use all 5 senses, and identify as much as possible what you experience through those senses.

Sight: I saw people, the city of Boise, dogs, rocks on the trail, the back of my husbands head, and beautiful blue sky. 

Smell: I smelt fresh air, dirt, and grasses

Feel: I felt the hard ground under my feet, the downhill impact on my knees, my sunglasses resting on my nose, and the sweat rolling down my face. 

Hear: I closed my eyes to really utilize this sense. I heard dog tags jingling as they ran. I heard laughter and chatter. I heard my own breathe. 

Taste: I tasted dry mouth because I forgot water

Grounding is a great way to stay in the here-and-now. For all my anxious friends, it keeps you from time traveling and going down the rabbit hole of worry. Soak up your moments and really experience them fully.

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