Morganne Skinner: Endometriosis Awareness


Morganne Skinner

Morganne Skinner is a registered nurse, freelance nurse writer, and fertility awareness educator. Her experience with endometriosis led her to discover the wonders of fertility awareness, as it helped her get diagnosed and manage her symptoms. Now she is passionate about sharing this knowledge and life-long skill with women looking for answers. She teaches women how to chart their menstrual cycle to monitor their health and understand their bodies in her business, Fertility Defined. 

We talk about…

  • What endometriosis is 
  • How long it took her to be diagnosed with endometriosis 
  • Where her endometriosis was located
  • How common endometriosis is
  • What her symptoms of endometriosis looked like 
  • My experience with endometriosis 
  • Why endometriosis causes pain 
  • Why birth control isn’t the answer to reducing your symptoms 
  • What Morganne did to help heal her endometriosis and reduce pain 
  • Why it’s common to be exhausted when you live with endometriosis 
  • How endometriosis impacted how she exercised 
  • Her thoughts on using CBD for endometriosis pain 
  • What mental health symptoms are common with endometriosis  

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