3 Simple Non-Toxic Skincare Beauty Brand Swaps

I wish I could say I swapped toxic skincare products for non-toxic products because I logically knew it was the best thing to do for my overall well-being. The reality is, I swapped because my cystic acne came out with a vengeance.

I was miserable, embarrassed, and frustrated over the events taking place on my jawline. With all the research I do, I was fairly certain my acne was a result of outta control hormones

With that knowledge at the forefront of my mind, I made the terrible decision of seeking help from my gynecologist. I mean, at the time, I thought it was a wise decision, but when his only solution was birth control, I knew I had chosen wrong.

Based on what I know about mental health and mental health meds, I knew birth control would only band-aid my symptoms while ignoring the root cause of the hormonal hurricane transpiring in my body.

Determined to heal my skin holistically, I turned to my buddy google and got to work.


Alisa Vitti wrote in her book Woman Code, “A recent study in the United Kingdom found that women who use makeup absorb almost five pounds of chemicals into their bodies each year.” Freaking insane, right?!? No wonder my hormones were going banana's on me.

As I continued to research, I discovered something called an endocrine disruptor. Completely clueless to this term, I dove straight into the deep end of learning everything I could on it.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, endocrine disruptors are “natural or human-made chemicals that may mimic or interfere with the body's hormones.” In case you're curious, these disruptors are commonly found in our skincare products. Yikes!


Determined to save my skin, and hormones, I went to work on detoxing the chemicals out of my body by swapping to non-toxic skincare. The journey was slow because let's be honest, it's a spendy swap if done all at once, but it's been the best swap I've ever made.

Below are three simple non-toxic beauty brand swaps that I made, and you can make, too:


Primally Pure uses all-natural, non-toxic products that are full of hormone loving ingredients. I absolutely love them!

Some of my fave products from Primally Pure are:

If you're ready to swap to all-natural, non-toxic skincare, I have a code to get you 10% off your order. Use code COURAGE10 at checkout to save you some dollars.

Also, if you want to learn more about Primally Pure, and non-toxic skincare, be sure to check out episode two of The Courageously.u Podcast where Courtney Joy O'Conner, Primally Pure's in-house Holistic Esthetician, and I chat all things non-toxic skincare.


I originally went to Beautycounter to begin transitioning from MAC makeup to something kinder on my endocrine system (It's been a slow process) and wound up also falling in love with their skincare products, too.

Beautycounter is a clean beauty brand on a mission to get safer products into the hands of courageous ladies like you and I.

Did you know there are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market, and the FDA doesn't have the authority to remove these harmful ingredients from products we are lathering all over our skin? Crazy, right?!? That's why it's up to us to make the swap.

Here are a few of my Beautycounter faves:


Botnia is a recent love affair that started after a local esthetician saw my cry for help on Instagram and reached out to help me. She was absolutely lovely, and got me all set up with:

Botnia uses the highest quality of organic, natural botanicals and extracts to dramatically improve, repair, and soothe your skin. The smells are to die for, too!


If you stuck with me through all that, we are now the best of buds. This post might feel overwhelming, given all the suggestions, but I promise it's a smooth transition when done slowly. There is no need to break the bank.

Whether you struggle with acne, fertility, mental health, or diseases, I strongly encourage you to take little, or big, steps towards swapping out your beauty products for something kinder to your body. We have the power to heal ourselves, and it's up to us to do it.

Happy swapping, friend!

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