Reading As Self-Care and The 4 Things I need

Self-care is LIFE you all! If you are not engaging in self-care, you need to bust out your calendar right now and schedule some you time. 

If self-care is foreign to you, and you're reading this thinking, “Girl, get real! I have no time to pause and do me,” think again. Find the time and make it happen! Self-care is crucial for good mental health. It creates better mommies, daddies, husbands, wives, co-workers, bosses, friends, daughters, sons, humans, and a happier, healthier you

I absolutely love my self-care time! So snuggle on in and let's talk reading.

What does your relationship with reading look like? Mine is complicated. I love to read, but struggle with focusing. You can best compare my mind to a fast moving train headed to Chicago or a Google search with 30 tabs open. Sitting down and silencing my mind is not always a cake walk. That is why, when I do read, I make sure I am a cozy. Reading is something I scheduleand make happen. I will find a quiet place in my house and will snuggle up with a good book. 

Today I am sharing with you 4 of my favorite items (that I actually have and use) that help me get the most out of my moment of self-care.

Nothing feels better than snuggling up in a warm, cozy bath robe, so why not be cozy while you read?  
Pottery Barn Organic Tencel Bath Robe 
Lit & Co. are one of my FAVORITE brands of candles, and the best part is they are made right here in Idaho. The scents are AMAZING!
Going into winter, you definitely need a cozy pair of slippers to keep your toes warm. I promise, you will not be sorry you added these to your closet.
Ugg Dakota slipper
Brene Brown is my spirit animal. I adore her! If you have not read a book by Brene, I suggest you click that link below and add her to your shopping cart. 
I Thought it was just Me (But it isn't) by Brene Brown

I challenge you to schedule some “you time” this week and engage in self-care. The holidays can be a stressful time, so be sure to make your mental health a priority! 

Do you love reading? or does your relationship with reading look a little like mine? Are you currently reading a book that is so amazing you can't put it down? If your self-care is reading, tell me all about it. Be sure to comment below. Thank you for stopping by and you all have a GREAT day! 

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