‘Tis the season for Christmas movie binging. Whether you're channeling your inner Buddy the elf or 2020 has you feeling more like Ebenezer Scrooge, Santa BINGO is the perfect game to add to your holiday movie watching this year.


Santa BINGO is not your grandma's BINGO. It's like the cool bingo that will have you singing, smiling, and spreading holiday cheer.


  • Santa BINGO card – Click here to download 
  • Colorful pen to checkoff all the movies you'll be watching
  • A TV, computer, tablet, or phone that plays Christmas movies
  • DVDs, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, DirectTV, or heck, maybe even a VHS (remember those?!?)
  • A cozy blanket to snuggle up in
  • Christmas lights to add to the holiday cheer
  • A warm cup of Mushroom Cacao with Reishi to sip on (hello, self-care!)


Decide whether you are playing solo or with your fave Christmas movie-obsessed friends or family. No worries if you play solo. Some of the best self-care comes from cozying up alone and getting lost in a magical Christmas tale. 

If you are playing solo:

Download and print off your Santa BINGO card. Make sure you have your most festive pen handy because you're about to be putting that bad boy to good use. Bust out your comfies, grab your coziest blanket, toss in some snacks, heat up your cacao, and hit play. The secret to this game is watching the movies as you find them. If you watch them with the intention of getting an automatic BINGO, the game will be over before it even started and what's the fun in that?!?

If you are playing with others:

Playing with others is a great way to be together this holiday season while still being apart due to Rona. Start by downloading and printing off your Santa BINGO card. Be sure to send whoever you're playing with a Santa BINGO card, too. Decide which day you are all going to start playing. Be sure to set rules ahead of time, so there are no cheaters. Again 2020 did us dirty this year, so this is a no cheating zone.

All cards are the same, so don't plan to watch movies simultaneously, or you all will be yelling Santa together. The goal is to watch them as they pop up and you see them on TV.

Here are some ideas for how to play Santa Bingo with others:
  • Whole families in different homes play together, and which ever home has a Santa BINGO first wins.
  • Members of the same house can play as long as they plan on watching Christmas movies alone, too.
  • Play with your co-workers
  • Siblings vs. parents
  • Partner vs. Partner
  • Play with your neighbors
  • You can also add fun prizes for the winner


Jump up and down and twirl around as you yell SANTA!!!! Yelling BINGO is so pre-COVID! If you're playing solo, give yourself a big ol' Buddy the Elf hug for making self-care a priority. If you are playing with others, send them a video of you jumping, twirling, and yelling Santa. We need more videos like this in 2020.

I'll be playing Santa BINGO, too, so be sure to tag me @courageously.u when you get a Santa BINGO. I love me a good holiday cheer video.

Happy playing!

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