Living With Schizophrenia

Hey you! The story I am sharing below, hit me hard in the feelers and I had to share it with you. After reading Kristens post on instagram, I immediately reached out and asked her for permission to share her post, and she said yes.

My motive behind sharing this story with you, is to bring awareness to mental illness. It is VERY real! 

I will let Kristen tell you all about it in her own words… 

“My sister is both schizophrenic and homeless. This picture is only a few weeks old. I traveled 12 hours, searched for 2, and found her semi-underground in a tunnel. It’d been 5 years since I saw her…

It’s estimated up to one half of the adult homeless population has schizophrenia, and many have family members who have no idea where they are…

I get a lot of questions about my sister. Know that if the answers were easy, she’d not be in this situation or on the streets. It’s incredibly complicated and a horrible disease… Mental illness is real. With intervention and help, it’s manageable. Start early. Don’t be afraid to talk about it…” – Kristin Fry @kfrygirl

If mental illness has touched your life and you wish to share your story, e-mail me at:

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