It’s Okay To Take A Break

Yesterday, I chose to take today off from work (which is my Friday). As I drove home from work last night, a feeling of guilt came over me. I sat with this feeling for a bit and attempted to identify what was triggering this feeling of guilt. I recognized that my feelings were over the fact I was missing work to stay home and do absolutely nothing. I had no doctor appointments to go to or grand vacation planned. I was missing work to lay in bed, drink my coffee, and binge watch Marie Kondo. I was taking the day off to groove in my seat to 90s pop music while I knocked out blog posts. I was taking the day off to recharge myself. 

If grad school taught me anything, it’s to recognize when I need a break and to take it. Fridays are typically my “courageously.u” day where I batch up a week's worth of posts and pictures, but last Friday I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling it Saturday or Sunday either. In all honesty, I’ve been riding shotgun of the struggle bus since last Friday. 

This past week I did not power through creating content for courageously.u because my heart wasn’t in it. I recognized that, and I listened. I also recognized I wasn’t bringing my A game to work this week and needed a day to do me. Regardless of what that looked like. 

The moral of the story friends, it’s okay to take a break. The hardest part is recognizing you need a break and then taking one when you see your body waving the white flag. There is no shame in spending the day in bed, in your pajamas, binge-watching Netflix. You do WHATEVER refills your soul so that you can show up as your best self in life. 

I'd love to hear in the comments below, what do you do for fun when you take a break from the struggles of life.

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