Let That Shit Go

Today’s message is brought to you by my coffee cup. My hubby bought me this cup when I was in the throes of grad school, having an ugly emotional come apart, and minutes away from throwing in the towel. I was burning the candle at both ends and sinking fast. Self-care was a distant thought, and I was quickly falling down the rabbit hole of negative self-talk. His gift was a subtle hint that I grabbed hold of and turned into my mantra. 

To this day, if I find myself caught in the monkey trap, I say to myself, “Let that shit go!” 

As we roll into a new week, be mindful of what you are holding onto from this week. If it's not helping you, then let that shit go. If you are struggling to let go of something that is negatively impacting you, I want you to slip on some socks, blast some Bob Seger, and break out your best dance moves. Even if you're not struggling, I want you to do this because it is good for your soul. Dance out all that negative energy that is holding you down and LET THAT SHIT GO! 

Happy dancing, friends!

In the comments below, tell me what song makes you want to break out your best dance moves. 

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