A Girl

This is a girl who:

  • Spent years shaming her body. 
  • Critiqued every photo, and desperately wished for a physical identity that was not her own. 
  • Took weight loss pills, and killed herself in the gym to be a body size she was never meant to be.
  • Cried alone, and strived for acceptance from others but not herself.
  • Layered on make-up to hide both visible and non-visible flaws, and isolated in shame. 
  • Let comparison destroy her, and allowed envy to eat away at her core.
  • Had a toxic narrative full of self-doubt and fear. 
  • Struggled with her skin, put a chemical relaxer (made for ethnic hair) on her hair because she hated her waves, and tanned to a shade she was never meant to be. 
  • Lost herself and wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.
  • Dug deep, swam through the swampy waters, and found herself. 
  • Eventually drop kicked the self-hate and toxic narrative. 
  • Learned to love herself for who she was. 
  • Learned to be comfortable in her own skin and recognized her strengths. 
  • FINALLY saw herself from a fresh set of eyes. 

This girl is me! It took me 33 years to learn to love myself and feel confident in my skin. There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t leave the house without a full set of makeup and my hair perfectly styled. Now you can find me rolling through town with my hair on top of my head and nothing but tinted moisture on my face. 

Ladies, we have to start loving ourselves and leaving comparison at the door. We owe it to ourselves to show up for ourselves, no one else. We are all beautiful in our unique ways, and no one can take that from us. Society has created a toxic ideology of what beauty looks like, and it's destroying our wellbeing. It's robbing us of our joy. No one is me, and no one is you. No one gets to define your beauty. 

I challenge you to: 

  • Challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself. 
  • Stop exposing yourself to things that lead you to compare yourself negatively. 
  • Be kind to yourself, and speak to yourself the way you’d talk to your best friend or daughter. 
  • Show up as your authentic self.  

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