Tara Schuster: Simple Practices to Heal Your Soul


Tara Schuster

Tara Schuster is the author of Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies, a finalist for Goodreads’ Best Nonfiction Book of 2020 and selected by Cosmopolitan, Real Simple, Goop, Publishers Weekly, and many more as one of the year’s best books on mental health and self-care, as well as the upcoming Glow in the F*cking Dark, publishing 2/28/23. Previously, Tara served as vice president of talent and development at Comedy Central, where she was the executive in charge of such critically acclaimed shows as the Emmy and Peabody award-winning Key & Peele. A contributor to InStyle, The New Yorker, and Forbes, among others.

We talk about…

  • What it was like growing up in a neglectful psychologically abusive household
  • How Tara used weed to cope
  • How she uses meditation and journaling to find safety
  • What her reparenting process looked like
  • How being raised by emotionally immature parents impacted her mental health 
  • Why it’s important to heal your trauma 
  • How establishing boundaries with her parents helped her heal
  • Where her fear around money and loss stems from
  • How she used exercise to improve her depression

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