Week Number 1: Tara’s Friday Favorites

Welcome to week number 1 of Tara's Friday Favorites! Back in the day when blogs were kind of a big deal (circa 2009), I decided to venture out and create my own. It was a space full of all my latest loves and newest faves.

LOVED sharing the things that excited me with the world. I was inspired by women like Danielle Moss from Breakfast at Toast (now known for being the co-founder of The Everygirl), The Pioneer Women back before she was famous, and Ashley Stock a.k.a Little Miss Momma.

Even though they never knew me, they felt like my friends, and I wanted to feel like someone else's friend, too. Hence why I created a blog. Obviously, it was short-lived; however, my love for those ladies never died.

To this day, I still follow them on social and look to them for the latest and greatest goodies to try.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, I miss sharing my loves and gushing over my latest obsessions. I get giddy excited when I fall head over heels for something new and exciting. So much so, my husband is tired of hearing me talk about it.

That's why I am bringing my excitement here. Starting right this second, I'm creating a new Friday tradition called Tara's Friday Favorites.

It'll be a mix of all the things that spark joy in my heart, leave me oozing with happiness, and on the verge of bursting with excitement.

With all that said, let's dive into week number 1 of my faves…

Osea Ocean Cleansing Mud

This face wash feels like pure peppermint candy cane joy for your face. I honestly don't know how else better to describe it. The cooling sensation is worth every penny and leaves your face feeling so fresh and so clean. Just talking about it has me feeling excited. It's truly a treat!

Click here to enjoy this tingly goodness!

Osea Ocean Lotion

This lotion is also a gem. It's my go-to on days when I need a little self-care pick me up. You know the days where you wish you had a spa day, but life happened instead?!? Yeah, those are the moments I lather up my skin with this instant stress reliever of a lotion. It just makes your soul feel better.

Lather up with my fave after shower moisturizer here.

Aerie Offline OTT Fleece Hoodie and Jogger

I am the queen of loungewear – the MVP of chill. If I had it my way, I'd never wear real clothes again. Anywho, I'm having surgery soon, and I convinced myself that I needed a new cozy outfit to wear to and from the hospital (In all reality, I was just looking for an excuse to justify buying another set of sweats). The moment I put these on, my life forever changed. Their level of comfy is no joke. I am continuously rubbing the material because they are so soft. I do want to suggest that you size down if you decide to try these out for yourself. They do run a touch large.

Step-up your comfy game with Aerie Offline OTT Fleece hoodie and fleece jogger.

Pique Sun Goddess Matcha

About a month ago, I started drinking matcha, and my life has forever changed. I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker but gave it up this summer in an attempt to heal my hormones. Missing a warm cup of comfort in the mornings, I decided to give matcha a whirl. Needless to say, I'm in love. It provides just the right amount of calm energy without making me feel like I have to be peeled off the ceiling (that's how coffee made me feel).

Here's how I make mine:

  • 8 oz almond milk warmed up on the stove
  • A packet of matcha
  • A teaspoon or less of manuka honey
  • Blend all together and sip up

Want to try it out for yourself? Click here to save 5% when you use code COURAGE at checkout.

Fooled Around and Fell in Love

Last but not least, this song. I'm the kind of girl who will play a song on repeat until I can no longer stand it (i.e. My Heart Will Go On circa 1997). This song is no exception. It just so happens to be on repeat as I type. I'm obviously late to the party and only recently discovered it, but it's better late than never. I strongly encourage you give it a listen, and I hope it brings you all the warm feel goods that it brings me.

Alright, that wraps up week number 1 of Tara's Friday Faves. I'll see you soon!

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