Week Number 2: Tara’s Friday Favorites

When I love something, I love it, HARD! I overuse it, overplay it, over obsess about it, and overshare it. This week is no exception. Are you ready for Tara's Friday Favorites Week Number 2? I know I am. Alright, friend, let's explore this week's faves… 

We The Free Be Free Tunic

I spent nine years in a private catholic school. Eight of those years required me to wear a uniform. I tell you this because I hate deciding what to wear. Honestly, if I had it my way, I would wear the same thing every day (I blame the uniform for this). Needless to say, when I find something I love, I buy many of them. This shirt just happened to be a top that I binge bought in many shades and now wear on the regular. It's insanely cozy, not to snug, and pairs perfectly with leggings and Vans (My current signature look). 

Try out my new tee craze for yourself!

Lit & Co. Candles

I adore a good candle! In an attempt to rid my home of toxic chemicals such as fragrance, I gave all my wall plug-ins the boot (It was tough but necessary). In search of a “cleaner” smell that would make my husband and I BOTH happy (He REALLY loved our plug-in scent), I opted for Lit & Co. They are high quality, clean-burning, soy-based candles infused with botanical oils (phthalate-free pure fragrance oils). I personally love Pacific Teakwood and Library. However, with the holidays approaching, I did add Snow and Balsam Fir to the mix to keep things a little festive in my home. 

Add some yummy scents to your home with Lit & Co. Candles!


I LOVED this show! Word of warning, though, Netflix decided to crush my soul and not renew it for a second season. Regardless, it's still worth the watch. Just be mindful that you will never find closure once season one is over…. BUT don't let that deter you from hitting play.

Cozy up with a blanket and hit play on Away today.

Really Great Gloss

Slowly but surely, I have been showing toxic make-up the door. Saie beauty is a brand that places importance on clean beauty and ingredients while still allowing you to have both performance AND style. Believer it or not, you don't have to sacrifice products that work well and leave you feeling like a million bucks when you switch to clean beauty. 

Add some clean beauty to your lip game here.

Be Well By Kelly Grass-Fed Beef Protein Powder

Protein shakes have been my go-to breakfast for YEARS. Given my recent hormonal issues, I decided to switch up my protein powders to eliminate unnecessary ingredients that weren't helping the cause. Kelly's protein powder is free of all the added garbage found in traditional protein powders. It has no dairy, gluten, soy, or added sugars, and it's made with 100% natural grass-fed Swedish beef protein. It's also packed with all eight essential amino acids, including all three BCAAs and naturally occurring collagen amino acids like glycine and proline. Not to mention it packs a punch with 23g of protein per serving. I have both chocolate and vanilla and love them both equally (No favoritism here). Be on the lookout because I'll be sharing some fave shake recipes with you soon. 

Step up your smoothie game with Kelly LeVeque's protein powder.

Hope you enjoyed week number 2 of my Friday Favorites. I'll see you next Friday, Friend!

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