Week Number 3: Tara’s Friday Favorites

Welcome to week number 3 of my current obsessions, loves, and mass crushes (Yes, you can have a crush on a product!). Let's get to it.

White 14oz Yeti Rambler Mug

In week one, I shared my latest love for matcha tea. I'm a slow sipper, so my matcha usually ends up being microwaved at least three times before finished when poured into a regular coffee cup. Hence, why I LOVE drinking from a Yeti cup (Your drink stays warm forever). This Yeti is my latest addition, and we are quickly becoming the best of friends. 

Keep your beverage warm for a REALLY loooooooong time with my fave Yeti cup.

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On

I've always been a Converse girl, but recently I made the switch to Vans. I'm happy to report that I do not regret that decision. I have Freddy Flinstone feet (aka wide feet), and Vans give my toes so much more room to breathe. I can also happily report that Vans and leggings will probably be my winter wardrobe, and I'm not sad about it. 

Click here to rock some Vans of your own.

No Crumbs Left Cookbook

I first discovered Teri On Instagram and immediately fell in love with her food. The images alone will make you drool. What really sold me on her cookbook was that she also incorporates Whole30 recipes. I don't identify as a whole30er, as I've never done one before, but I do love me some Whole30 recipes. No Crumbs Left is jam-packed full of yummy, good for your mental health recipes. I promise you it doesn't disappoint.

Start cooking up some good for you gut and brain meals today!

Hu Cashew-Butter + Orange Vanilla Dark Chocolate

I remember eating chocolate-covered orange jelly sticks as a kid and absolutely loving them. This chocolate bar is my memory wrapped up with a pretty bow and so much more. Hu chocolate is made from the highest quality ingredients such as organic cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar, cashew, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, vanilla bean, and 100% pure orange oil. Dark chocolate is also rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc, and contains antioxidants called flavonoids. This glorious, mouth-watering, soul-soothing chocolate bar has been my go-to treat to help ward off emotional eating after a rough day at work.

Click here to make your heart happy just like mine.

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

Deodorant was the first swap I made when I began my journey into the non-toxic product world. Luckily, it only required me to try one deodorant (many people report having to try lots of deodorants before finding the one). Primally Pure uses only non-toxic, organic ingredients that you can pronounce. No crazy ingredients that leave you tongue-tied and confused. This scent is my fave! 

Make a non-toxic swap today with my go-to deodorant! Be sure to use code COURAGE10 at checkout to save 10% off your first order.

Thats all folks! I'll see you next Friday!

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