Beauty Does Not Equal Worthiness

You are so beautiful! You are so cute! You are so skinny! You are so tan! You have beautiful eyes! You have a beautiful smile! You are so tall! You have amazing hair! ⁣

Do these compliments sound familiar? Have you ever received a compliment about your looks? Have you ever complimented someone about their looks? What about kiddos looks? Society is so wrapped up in appearance that our looks have come to define our worthiness. People, we have to stop this!✋🏼⁣

Today I want to focus on kiddos because believe it or not they are our sponges. They hear and absorb everything! I had a 13 year old once tell me she wanted to die because she didn’t have curves like Kim Kardashian. Are you kidding me?!? ⁣

I want to challenge you to be mindful of your compliments. I want to challenge you to stop complimenting on appearance and instead compliment on abilities, talents, and strengths. Teach kiddos that beauty and worthiness are not correlated. ⁣

Here are a few examples to practice with. The options are limitless! ⁣

  • You are so brave!⁣
  • You are so courageous!⁣
  • You are so smart!⁣
  • You are so kind!⁣
  • You are so helpful! ⁣
  • You are so loving! ⁣
  • You are creative!⁣

Let’s practice this in the comments below. Tell me one positive quality about yourself in a I am statement… “I am…”⁣

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